General info/overview

There are quite a few reviews online, but few of them are able to sum up just how good this company actually is. They are staffed by some of the best editors and proofreaders in the business, which is why they are able to produce such good results when it comes to both proofreading and editing. Their service is reliable, is always on time, and their work is thoroughly checked to be sure that you only get the best possible work back.


There are lots of companies that offer Proofreading services discounts, but they are often the ones that are adding massive profits onto their service so that they can afford to make discounts. This company charges a fair rate per page so that you get the best possible deal every time. Their rates start from between five and seven dollars and they clearly list what you are going to get for your money when you use their service.

Quality of the Services

This company offers the best proofreading and editing services. It is hard to find a company to compare them to as they are simply a cut above the rest. The fact that even with their lowest price band service they will not only check, proofread and edit your work, but that they will also run a plagiarism scan too, makes them far superior to other companies. Their platinum service has more extras than the movie lord of the rings, which includes direct editor contact, work from one of their top ten editors and more.

How Soon the Paper is Done

This is an editing service and a proofreading service that works to your deadline. They do not miss deadlines or come up with crummy excuses. They simply do your work for you and do it as per your request. If there is any doubt as to the deadline of the work then they will not take on the job. However, they have so many staff that they have not turned down a client in the last six years.

What They Offer

They offer a proofreading service and offer to edit the work too once it has been proofread. They will not only check the spelling and grammar, but will also check the content and style of your written piece.

Additional Features

Their best additional features comes with their platinum service where they offer things such as an order completion SMS, progress notifications, and allow one of their top ten experts to take a look at your work.


The verdict is that they are hard to beat, especially if you are a student and you need academic works completing. They charge a reasonable rate across the board, they have highly qualified readers and editors, they have a solid system set up and they are able to work to your deadline. They have enough staff to take on any job, even during peak times, and they have a fantastic online reputation because they have pleased so many clients throughout the years.